Checking for Breast Cancer

Cancer is a terrifying word that makes everyone uneasy. Breast cancer claims more than 40,000 lives each year. It’s easy to ignore any symptoms that you may be experiencing and chalk it up to aging, but a breast cancer screening could be imperative to treatment and a better chance of [...]

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A Brief History of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

That little pink ribbon. We have all seen it every year in October, and most people are aware that it is associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, not as many are aware of its roots and its goals.   Who Started it? Breast Cancer Awareness Month began in 1985 [...]

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Drowning Prevention Tips

May is National Drowning Prevention Awareness Month. Drowning is the cause of more deaths in children than any other cause annually. The reality is drowning is often preventable. A child can drown in as little as two inches of water. And according to the Florida Department of Health, “most infant [...]

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Common Signs of a Stroke

May is Stroke Awareness Month and, according to the National Institutes of Health, there are more than 800,000 stokes in the United States each year. Nearly three-quarters of all strokes occur in people over the age of 65 and the risk of having a stroke more than doubles each decade [...]

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5 Easy Ways to Care for Your Heart

Although taking care of ourselves is the right thing to do, life's commitments sometimes prevent us making healthy choices, in spite of good intentions. Caring for your body, however, is the best way to ensure you will continue living your busy, wonderful life and feel good while doing so. You [...]

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National Stress Awareness Month

To say we live stress free is not being realistic.  Stress is a part of our new normal.  Everyone and thing experiences it; from our pets to our children and spouses.  As a society it is no surprise that we would bring awareness to this disorder and call it National [...]

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National Caffeine Awareness Month

Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. That morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea that keeps us going seems like a necessity. It keeps our central nervous system stimulated with the most widely consumed psychoactive drug, caffeine. Every body is different and people tolerate caffeine in many different [...]

2017-03-01T20:38:35-05:00March 1st, 2017|

February: American Heart Month

Our hearts are fluttering this February with both Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month upon us. Both circumstances give us the opportunity to think about our loved ones and how much they mean to us. Broken hearts are the number one killer of both men and women in the United [...]

2017-02-01T14:06:43-05:00February 1st, 2017|

American Diabetes Month

“Diabetes is costly in both human and economic terms. It’s urgent that we take swift action to effectively treat and prevent this serious disease.” - Ann Albright, Ph.D., R.D., director of CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation It may seem a bit ironic that directly following Halloween and leading up to [...]

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What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a term that is well known and is commonly used to describe someone that is acting unnaturally or different than usual. But most people don’t really know how to tell if someone has bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder used to be called manic depression. It causes mood swings [...]

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