May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month

It’s been called a “silent killer” with good reason.  And good reason why the month of May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, as blood pressure that is higher than normal.  Left untreated, it can [...]

2023-06-12T17:31:23-04:00May 23rd, 2022|

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month

Just as Spring pollen count can trigger itchy eyes, coughing and wheezing, coming into contact with foods you may be allergic to likewise can trigger negative reactions. Food allergies are a growing concern in the United States and one of the reasons the month of May is used to draw [...]

2022-07-18T15:03:28-04:00May 20th, 2022|

Building Your Child’s Natural Immune System

As a parent, your child’s health is probably on your mind most of the time. Children can be excellent at quickly fighting common colds and viruses if they have robust immune systems. Building your child’s immune system is something that you can do naturally by making a few simple changes. [...]

2023-09-06T18:04:48-04:00January 20th, 2022|

5 Tips to Use in Your Home to Defeat Seasonal Allergies

After a long, hot, humid summer and early fall, it’s finally "leave your windows open" season in Florida. While the mid-autumn/early winter breeze is delightful and refreshing, it may also be bringing allergens into your house — and leaving you with miserable symptoms. In this post, we’ll go over the [...]

2023-09-06T18:08:09-04:00December 16th, 2021|
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