Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Almost everyone experiences a case of the blues once in a while. Studies suggest 20-25 percent of the population struggles with a mental health issue at least once a year. Feeling sad, lonely or disappointed about a negative life event is natural. Taking care of your mental health during stressful [...]

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How Stress Affects Your Health

Show of hands, please. How many of you have friends who complain there just is not enough stress in their life? Probably not many. Stress is a very personalized phenomenon. Some individuals thrive under pressure in the while others wither. Take law enforcement as an example. The American Institute of [...]

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Can Family Medicine Doctors Prescribe Anti-Depressants?

Depression and the Family Doctor Depression impacts people in many different ways. Family doctors generally have an understanding of the most common symptoms of depression. Unfortunately, when many of the symptoms of depression are viewed independently, it delays appropriate treatment. Depression does not treat everyone equally. Because of this, seeking [...]

2023-02-21T12:35:04-05:00December 1st, 2017|

5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

We all have days where we feel stressed out, sad or anxious. Feeling this way occasionally is completely normal even if you're living a fairy tale life, as unlikely as that is. But if you feel out of sorts all the time, you might need to pay attention. Unless you [...]

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What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a term that is well known and is commonly used to describe someone that is acting unnaturally or different than usual. But most people don’t really know how to tell if someone has bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder used to be called manic depression. It causes mood swings [...]

2023-01-10T14:19:59-05:00October 18th, 2016|

Mental Health Myths and Facts

Mental health is important for all ages and throughout every stage of life. It refers to our emotional, psychological, and social well being and helps to determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices every day. There are many misconceptions about mental illnesses and overall mental well [...]

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June is PTSD Awareness Month

When a traumatic event occurs in someone’s life, it is not unusual for them to have flashbacks, nightmares, or intrusive memories about the event. The truth is that in doing this, your nervous system is having a normal reaction to a major stressor. What is PTSD? Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or [...]

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