When challenged with mobility issues, it can be tempting to sit around all day. Doctors know that doing isometric exercises is vital to your physical health and can help improve your mental health. It is always a good idea to check with a doctor, like those at Brevard Health Alliance, before starting a new exercise program. Consider these core exercises for the disabled. 

Shoulder Retractions

One of the best-seated exercises for limited mobility individuals is shoulder retractions. Start by putting both arms out in front of you like you were gripping the handles of a bicycle. Then, pull your arms back. Let your elbows come out until they are just slightly behind your core. Repeat as many times as possible, being sure that you do not let your arms drop. 

Wheelchair Strength Training: Shoulder Squeeze 

Sit up straight and hold a ball or balloon between your arms at shoulder height. Then, bend your arms back so that the ball almost touches your chest. Repeat so that the ball is in front of you again. As time progresses, try using a heavier ball so that you build up muscle strength. 

Seated Exercise for Limited Mobility: Half Stand 

Another great exercise for wheelchair strength training is to put your arms on the wheelchair’s armrest. Then, push up as tall as you can without letting go. Hold that position for a five-count. Then, return slowly to the seated position and repeat. 

Wheelchair Leg Exercises: Leg Lifts 

Start this seated exercise for limited mobility individuals in a seated position. Hold your palm straight out in front of you. Now, lift your leg and see if you can touch your palm. Work on it every day because as your flexibility improves, you will come closer to touching your leg to your palm. 

If you need more help on doing limited mobility exercises, contact us at Brevard Health Alliance.